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Blue Horizon announces Seed investment in EV Biotech in a round led by Future Food Fund 

Zurich, Switzerland, 22 March 2023 – Blue Horizon, a next generation impact investor accelerating the transition to a new Sustainable Food System, today announced a Seed investment in EV Biotech. 

Blue Horizon is pleased to announce our latest Seed investment in EV Biotech, a Netherlands-based start-up offering a solution to the issue of pollution-heavy manufacturing methods by harnessing the power of fermentation combined with state-of-the-art computational methods. 

EV Biotech secured €4.5M in funding, with the round led by Future Food Fund, together with Blue Horizon, NV NOM, Carduso Capital B.V, RUG Ventures, Triade Investment,, Jogchum Brinksma (FLOBAS Ventures), Scot Saxberg (Icebook Investments Corp.), Hannu Ryopponen, Marc Kaptein, M.D., Andrew Nuter, and Marie Outtier. 


EV Biotech are integrating AI and strain development to enable the production of compounds sustainably by fermentation. Fermentation processes can be designed to be carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative through the utilisation of existing industrial waste-streams. This is in contrast to many traditional production methods, which utilise emission-intensive, fossil fuel-based processes. These methods pollute our environment while trying to meet the demand of our ever-growing population. By using unique computational models to equip microorganisms with the right tools, EV Biotech is able to create accelerated microbial production methods. This approach allows the circular economy dream to be realised and everyday products to be reinvented, all while replacing pollution-heavy production methods. 

This funding will allow EV Biotech to continue addressing the current environmental and economic challenges in food ingredients, flavors & fragrances, polymers, and fine chemical markets. This seed investment allows EV Biotech to improve existing technology and implement client feedback to improve their products. Furthermore, EV Biotech will continue to develop in-house microorganisms to serve several markets. 

To date, Blue Horizon has raised funds of over $850 million and invested in 75+ companies with a focus on protein alternatives and food tech. Some of the firm’s investments include Tropic Biosciences, a pioneering agricultural biotechnology company focused on a crop portfolio of bananas, coffee and rice, Planted, one of the emerging leaders of plant-based meat alternatives and Mosa Meat, which is developing tissue engineering technologies to mass produce affordable, cultured meat and dairy formulation. 

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Blue Horizon announces Seed investment in EV Biotech in a round led by Future Food Fund (pdf)