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Blue horizon

To make the bioeconomy real, develop for scalability and creditworthiness 

Biomanufacturing, the production of food ingredients and other materials via microorganisms, is emerging as a promising building block for a more sustainable, healthier, and resilient economy – the bioeconomy. The key next step in building the bioeconomy is to scale-up the biomanufacturing of food and materials to industrial volumes. Blue Horizon and Olon in their latest report outline an iterative strategic approach to unlocking a bright, bioeconomy-based future.

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On April 18, 2023, Blue Horizon and Olon provided valuable insights on how to overcome the challenges in scaling the bioeconomy. To summarize, we discussed the importance of thoughtful, iterative planning between go-to-market strategy and bioprocess development, strain selection and process design, and financing scale-up infrastructure. We hope you find this information useful as you explore biomanufacturing as a building block for a more sustainable future!