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Blue Horizon

We are a global leader in impact investing. Accelerating the market towards our vision of a new Sustainable Food System, focused on replacing animal proteins with healthy alternatives and transforming the food value chain. We create measurable, positive impact — if that sounds exciting to you, we should talk.

Our Values

We value mavericks and mavens but above all we covet game-changers – in our team and in our portfolio. Anything less is simply not enough; we must be the change.  We value diversity, in every aspect, but especially perspectives, which is why we harvest the best thinking from science, business and entrepreneurialism to find the most impactful investment fulcrums. We value resolve and determination because changing what’s on the world’s plate will not be easy, but the rewards will be immeasurably satisfying. 

How to work over the horizon

If you have a passion for next-generation thinking that will create meaningful impact then we invite you to reach out.

Open roles

Portfolio Jobs

Our portfolio companies are hiring. Explore the career opportunities being offered at the following links.

Improving the world through microbial solutions.

Next generation breastmilk.

Really good eggs.

Animal-free protein for every human, every animal, everywhere.

Sustainable seafood.

Real gelatin, without animals.

For the love of meat.

Full of flavor, free of guilt.

Tissue cultured meat.

Do right. Bite by bite.

No harm. No fowl.

Same meat, different way.

Inspired by nature.

Kindness is simple. It’s our true nature.

Animal free pet food.

About Us

Serial entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, imaginative scientists — it takes all three to create impact.