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36 companies form global alt seafood association

40% of the global population eat seafood as a primary protein source and it’s a market that’s set to more than double by 2030.

Despite the growing awareness of microplastics taking over the seas, fish production being linked to child and slave labor, and rampant overfishing that could lead to a collapse of global fisheries by 2048, we continue to eat seafood. 

Blue Horizon are pleased to see two portfolio companies, Konscious Foods and New School Foods be among 34 other companies that are coming together to address these challenges as part of Future Ocean Foods, a new global alt-seafood association.  

Together their mission is to promote food security, human health, environmental sustainability and ocean conservation. Using plants and cells, the global association is here to help create seafood alternatives – from whole-cut salmon filets, sushi, crab, calamari and more, they aim to accelerate the alternative seafood sector. 

With the Good Food Institute, ProVeg International and the Global Organization for EPA & DHA Omega-3s by their side as partners, we are eager to see what this unique force can achieve. 

More here: Future Ocean Foods: Startups Collaborate to Promote Alt-Seafood (