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Arkeon Biotech opened new production facility

After announcing their revolutionary new tech last year, Austria-based biotech startup, Arkeon has set up a new pilot production facility to convert CO2 into functional ingredients.

The new facility expands Arkeon’s existing infrastructure with a 150L bioreactor system, that will improve their processes and set the foundation for larger-scale production. They also announced the commissioning of a 3000L bioreactor, planned for the end of 2024, which is “an essential step on the way to scale large commercial production outputs,” says Technological Lead Dr Bochmann.

Arkeon has already partnered with global companies to develop protein applications for food and beverage products. Its advanced process requires 99% less land and only 0.01% of the of water needed by traditional agriculture. Additionally, the microorganism fed with gas fermentation techniques can create 20 essential amino acids.

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