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Blue Horizon Invests in Wild Earth

A lot of attention has been paid to how people can change their diet for a sustainable future. But it’s necessary to also consider how our pets eat, too. blue horizon has recently made an investment in a company that plans on doing just that. Wild Earth will bring clean meat to your pets.

While cats and dogs can eat some of the same foods as humans do, it’s become the norm to serve them food that’s highly processed and full of animal byproducts. In fact, a lot of the food that ends up in pet food is deemed by the USDA as unfit for human consumption. This usually means that the animal protein in question comes from either a dead, dying, diseased or disabled animal, and most have died from infections or illness.

At Wild Earth, a team of biotech experts is developing nutritious pet food for all ages using clean protein – with no animal byproducts, no rendered animals, no toxins or antibiotics, and meeting the nutritional needs of your pet. They’ve formulated their foods based on deep science, looking at the biology of animals holistically. In addition, the products are made in the USA, making them locally sourced and formulated.

“We are grateful to blue horizon for supporting our vision of pet foods that are healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more humane through biotechnology,” says Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt. “Their team’s experience in sustainable, socially relevant companies gives us an advantage as we scale production of our cultured, clean proteins for the $30B pet food market.”

Roger Lienhard, CEO of blue horizon, adds: “Many of us here at blue horizon are animal lovers, so we were delighted to find a company such as Wild Earth that cares as much about what our pets eat as about what we eat. We look forward to seeing the products that Wild Earth will put out so that even our dogs can have both a smaller carbon and cruelty footprint.”

About Wild Earth

Wild Earth is a team of experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with a dream: to create the perfect food for dogs and cats of all ages. Wild Earth’s products are made from cultured protein and based on a deep understanding of nutrition, biology, and food science. These products are created with animal welfare in mind, and for all animal lovers who care about animals, people, and the planet.

About Blue Horizon

blue horizon was founded in 2015 with the vision that profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united. blue horizon is a global, mission-driven private sector investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerates the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture. In 2016, the blue horizon Foundation was started to support the transformation of farms from animal factories to sustainable plant production facilities.