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Blue Horizon Joins Forces with Seattle Food Tech

To expand the viability of a plant-based lifestyle, and to better support the environment, it takes more than changing what we eat. We must also examine how we produce and source our food. Luckily, there are companies out there looking to make that change, and blue horizon has recently invested in one such company: Seattle Food Tech.

The team at Seattle Food Tech (SFT) started with a fundamental question: “What will replace the infrastructure of factory farming in the future food system?” Currently, the US meat industry dominates, producing over 100 billion pounds of meat. Even with trends in plant-based eating, meat production is rising at more than 3% per year.  Mechanization and robotic assistance has enabled this growth, and has helped make the killing and processing of chickens one of the most efficient production systems in the US.

Seattle Food Tech knows that we must replace meat on a large scale to address the environmental and social harms of factory farming.  However, this will only be possible with sophisticated production infrastructure to make plant-based meat.  SFT is currently the only food technology company designing novel systems exclusively for plant-based meat production. These high-volume production systems will be able to replace meat on a much larger scale. SFT’s first product, plant-based chicken nuggets, are affordable, healthy, sustainable… and delicious!

“With the support of blue horizon, Seattle Food Tech joins a community of companies and social initiatives that can work together to change our food system,” says Christie Lagally, founder and CEO of Seattle Food Tech. “As a production technology company, Seattle Food Tech adds a critical element of scaling expertise to the growth of the plant-based foods movement, and, by working with blue horizon, we can collaborate with many types of companies.”

Roger Lienhard, CEO and Founder of blue horizon, comments: “In order to make a better future happen, we need to support not only plant-based meat, but also sustainable and efficient food production. Seattle Food Tech is taking the exact right approach to changing the way we eat. With our cooperation, we hope that Seattle Food Tech can make plant-based meat cheaper and more efficient to produce in the near future.”

About Seattle Food Tech

Seattle Food Tech (SFT) is a food manufacturing technology and production company defined solely to catapult meat alternative production toward price parity with factory-farmed animal-based meat.  SFT implements unique food manufacturing methods in large-scale production to produce low-cost, plant-based meat at high volumes.  These goals are achieved through specifically designed low-cost products, the use of high-throughput manufacturing automation, and the utilization and development of new low-energy, innovative manufacturing tools.

About blue horizon

blue horizon was founded in 2015 with the vision that profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united. blue horizon is a global, mission-driven private sector investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerates the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture. In 2016, the blue horizon Foundation was started to support the transformation of farms from animal factories to sustainable plant production facilities.