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Blue Horizon founder launches a new global plant-based food company, the LIVEKINDLY co., backed by a $200-million investment

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The LIVEKINDLY co. is leading a movement to build a sustainable future, today, fueled by a $200-million founders’ funding round led by founders, entrepreneurs, and global leaders. Establishing a collective of heritage and start-up brands, the company is on track to become one of the world’s largest plant-based food companies.

Brands under the LIVEKINDLY co. portfolio offer consumers non-GMO, plant-based chicken alternatives and include: The Fry Family Food Co. and LikeMeat, as well as the fastest-growing plant-based digital media platform, LIVEKINDLY Media–from which the new company’s name derives and means embracing a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. With these investments and an equity stake in PURIS Holding, a vertically integrated player of non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, the LIVEKINDLY co. is the only company in the plant-based food sector to own and operate the entire value chain of production.

The LIVEKINDLY co. is committed to transforming the global food system by partnering with forward-looking poultry production companies seeking to embrace and contribute to plant-based options. Products offer consumers recognizable natural ingredients made with environmentally friendly meat alternatives that mimic the taste and texture of chicken.

Plant-based food products are becoming increasingly popular as consumer demand for cleaner, more sustainable options grow, and production technologies improve to significantly enhance taste and texture. The plant-based protein market could reach 9% of the estimated $2.7 trillion global meat market by 20401, positioning the LIVEKINDLY co. for strong future growth.

Leading the LIVEKINDLY co. is a global team of industry executives including Kees Kruythoff, Chairman & CEO (formerly President Unilever North America and Global Home Care Division); Roger Lienhard, Board of Directors and Founder (founder of Blue Horizon Corporation); and Jodi Monelle, CEO and Founder LIVEKINDLY Media. The leadership team includes veterans of the food industry: Mick Van Ettinger, Chief Marketing Officer (formerly of Unilever), and Aldo Uva, COO and Chief R&D Officer (formerly of Nestle, Firmenich, and Ferrero).

“Unlike any other company in this space, the LIVEKINDLY co. is creating a movement that will drive impact at scale and at speed,” said Kruythoff. “We are starting with one of the world’s most consumed meats–chicken-by providing outstanding, tasty, plant-based foods that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We’re also partnering with incumbent poultry companies including PHW in Europe and RCL Foods in South Africa, who are committed to embracing plant-based options.”

“The LIVEKINDLY co.’s approach offers a path forward for transforming the global food industry. Our team has built a new formula for success by bringing innovation, experience, resources, and scale throughout the plant-based chicken value chain,” said Lienhard. “It started with bringing together like-minded founders who share a vision for smarter, sustainable living, and allows the food industry to better align around the evolving values of consumers who are focused on climate change, animal welfare, and human health.”

The founders’ round of funding will be used for further acquisitions, scaling the current plant-based food portfolio of brands and investments to rapidly increase the plant-based food industry capacity.


The LIVEKINDLY co. is a collective of plant-based heritage and start-up brands including: The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat, and LIVEKINDLY Media.

Committed to transforming our global food system and the only company in the plant-based food sector to own and operate the entire value chain of production, the LIVEKINDLY co. has established strategic partnerships with seed growers, producers, distributors, and has invested in infrastructure to transform traditional meat production facilities to plant-based products.

The LIVEKINDLY co. and its portfolio of brands are creating delicious plant-based food without the need for animals or the depletion of natural resources. We’re bringing kindness where it belongs: to your plate.


Blue Horizon was founded in 2015 with the vision that profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united. Blue Horizon is a global-mission-driven private sector investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerate that global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture.

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