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Bold Goals for the US Bioeconomy

In September 2022, the Biden Administration released a new executive order instructing federal departments and agencies to assess the potential for biotechnology and biomanufacturing R&D to further five societal goals: climate change solutions, food and agricultural innovation, supply chain resilience, human health, and crosscutting advances.

One of their first tasks was therefore to develop a set of goals to help make the vision of a bioeconomy-based future a reality. Now, in March 2023, the White House issued a report outlining these goals and strategies. Specifically, the report pushes towards the decarbonization of the chemicals and materials industries, implementing sustainable practices in agriculture, making transport and fuels more carbon-neutral and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Some of the bold 20-year goals for the U.S bioeconomy include: producing at least 30% of U.S chemical demand through biomanufacturing and displaying 90% of today’s plastics and commercial polymers with bio-based.

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