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Clara Foods Added to Blue Horizon’s Investments

blue horizon is proud to announce a new investment in a fermentation food company, focusing on viable egg and egg-white alternatives. Clara Foods expands the scope of blue horizon’s food investments, ushering forward a sustainable future for everyone.

Clara Foods is currently working to disrupt current food technology by creating the world’s first animal-free egg white. The resulting product will be able to replace egg whites in more recipes than any other egg white substitute available today. Using a proprietary protein functionality matrix, the team at Clara Foods will produce an egg white that has egg-like volume, foaming, texture, and tensile strength. So even the most delicate but decadent desserts such as angel food cake, meringue, and macaroons will soon be possible to make animal-free!

While this eggless egg white resembles the animal-based version in texture and consistency, it does not match egg’s carbon footprint or animal cruelty. Just like with all plant-based products, Clara Foods’ eggless egg white takes up fewer land and water resources than egg whites from chicken eggs. With chickens out of the equation, cruelty is also eliminated. And what’s more, these egg whites won’t be in danger of possessing salmonella or other pathogens. As a result, it makes them a healthier option for both people and planet.

Arturo Elizondo, CEO and Co-founder of Clara Foods, says: “We’re incredibly excited to begin working with blue horizon as an investor. They not only share many of our core values but also have the same fervent desire to transform our food system from the ground up. This investment will help us continue developing our protein platform technology and get us one step closer to sharing our products with the world in the very near future!”

Roger Lienhard, founder and CEO of Blue Horizon, adds: “At blue horizon, we believe that going on a plant-based diet shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or great desserts. With our investment, we hope that Clara Foods will be able to bring more delicious possibilities to a plant-based diet, with desserts that are as light, fluffy and moist as their animal-based counterparts.”

About blue horizon

blue horizon was founded in 2015 with the vision that profit-oriented strategies and the common good can be united. blue horizon is a global, mission-driven private sector investment firm focused on scalable ventures that accelerates the global transition towards sustainable food and agriculture. In 2016, the blue horizon Foundation was started to support the transformation of farms from animal factories to sustainable plant production facilities.

About Clara Foods

Clara Foods was started in the Bay Area with the sole mission of creating the world’s first animal-free egg white. The team has recognized that factory-farm production of eggs is unsustainable for both the environment and for meeting the dietary needs of a growing population. This eggless egg white will be able to be used in even the most delicate of desserts: from angel food cakes to meringues. With the help of technology and the knowhow of the Clara Foods team, a delicious and sustainable future is possible!