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COP28: UN endorse alternative proteins

The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) released a landmark report during the COP28 summit in Dubai, openly endorsing alternative proteins, including plant-based, cultivated, and fermented options, as a means to significantly reduce emissions, deforestation, water and soil pollution, biodiversity loss, and zoonotic disease risks associated with animal agriculture.

The 53-page report titled, “What’s Cooking? An assessment of potential impacts of selected novel alternatives to conventional animal products”, addresses the global rise in meat consumption, projecting a 50% increase by 2050. It also compares alternative proteins directly to animal agriculture, highlighting their potential to address environmental and health concerns.

The report concludes with key policy recommendations, including enhanced government support for research institutions in studying priorities such as breeding crops for higher protein yields and developing methods for plant-based meat production. It also recommends adaptation for approval processes for cultivated meat and precision fermentation to drive efficiency while maintaining safety standards. Moreover, it calls upon the need for clear labelling standards for alternative protein products, strengthened policies for the conservation and sustainable use of land and resources, support a clean energy transition, and encourage food tech innovation. Fiscal policy reviews are also recommended to incentivize healthier and more sustainable outcomes.

Such endorsement of alternative proteins by a UN body marks a significant step toward addressing the environmental and health challenges associated with traditional animal agriculture.

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