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Cultivated Biosciences close $5 million Seed round

Our portfolio company, Cultivated Biosciences has successfully closed a $5 million seed funding round – marking a significant milestone for the Swiss biotechnology company amid a difficult fundraising environment.

Cultivated Biosciences was founded in Zürich, Switzerland in 2021 with a mission to make animal free dairy the better choice for everyone. Despite dairy alternatives growing in popularity globally, they often fail to convince the broader public due to their incomparability on texture and mouthfeel with dairy. However, the company’s unique creamy fat ingredient, produced using biomass fermentation, succeeds in improving the texture and stability of alternative dairy, while also containing the necessary fats, proteins and fibers.

With the new funding, Cultivated Biosciences plans to accelerate the development of its yeast cream, which, pending regulatory approval for consumption, is set to be introduced to the US market in 2025 and the European market in 2026. The company has successfully tested the application in dairy-free coffee creamers, milk and ice cream products and will now focus on scaling up production.

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