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Denmark and South Korea first to announce national action plans for plant-based foods

The Danish government has unveiled its first national action plan aimed at shifting the country toward a more plant-based food system.

The plan, which was released by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries of Denmark, is part of a political agricultural agreement from 2021 and focuses on strengthening and promoting the Danish plant-based sector.

The government’s vision is for Denmark to lead the world in the production and consumption of plant-based foods. Key actions include training chefs in public and private kitchens to prepare plant-based meals, promoting plant-based diets in primary schools, and enhancing plant-based skills in the education system.

The plan also seeks to boost exports of Danish-made plant-based foods, increase research and development funding, and build on the 1 billion kroner (€168 million) investment in plant-based foods made two years ago, much of which went into a Fund for Plant-Based Foods.

This initiative is a positive step towards building a more sustainable and plant-based future, setting an important precedent for other countries.

Sure enough, 10 days later, South Korea followed in Denmark’s footsteps and released the second national action plan for plant-based foods. Similarly, the plan aims to bolster the plant-based food industry and encourage widespread adoption of alternatives to animal proteins. The plan includes a research center for alternative proteins, initiatives to promote use of domestic agricultural products in plant-based foods, and increased support for alternative protein exports.

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