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JUST Egg secures new funding from non-profit

Eat Just, Inc, the U.S-based company whose product JUST Egg leads in the plant-based egg space, has secured fresh funding from non-profit and long-term supporters, VegInvest/ Ahimsa Foundation.

The president Ahimsa Foundation, which is focused on supporting companies that help remove animals from the food system, said in a statement that “Eat Just and its leadership in the industry play a critical part in building a kinder, safer food system. We’re proud of this investment and the continued partnership to make products that consumers love without causing the harm inherent in animal agriculture.”

Eat Just has raised over $850 million in funding but now this new funding aims to support Eat Just’s work in improving product quality, costs and logistics to drive profitability and sustainability. Up until now, JUST Egg has successfully sold the equivalent of 400 million eggs, saving more than 14 billion gallons of water, 69 million kilograms of CO2e, and 21,000 acres of land.

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