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Blue horizon

LIVEKINDLY Collective acquires Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods is the latest brand to join the LIVEKINDLY Collective, the fastest growing family of plant-based food brands!

The acquisition of Alpha Foods—a popular plant-based brand with a large U.S. footprint—will anchor LIVEKINDLY Collective’s position as category consolidator. It is LIVEKINDLY Collective’s sixth food brand acquisition to date since its founding by Blue Horizon in 2020, and the first one in the U.S. Now, with Alpha joining the collective, LIVEKINDLY will enter the ready-to-eat breakfast and burrito snacking category.

Cole Orobetz, CEO and Co-founder of Alpha Foods said, “We are thrilled to be joining the Collective of strong plant-based brands with products in global markets, which will no doubt have a positive impact on our U.S. business. This acquisition furthers Alpha’s mission to provide extraordinarily delicious products to the broadest possible audience.”

Consolidation is at the heart of our maturing alternative protein landscape, where the focus lies on reaching cost parity, taste parity and driving global accessibility of plant-based meat alternatives. Blue Horizon’s roll-up strategy, the LIVEKINDLY Collective, is therefore perfectly positioned to lead its Consolidation Vertical taking advantage of current market conditions and offering market players a home for production and distribution. This sits well within our four Transition Plans being Innovation, Consolidation, Scale & Connect.

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