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Modernizing meat production will help us avoid pandemics

Source: WIRED 

It’s time to admit that we, as a civilization, have outgrown the dated notion of using animals to produce meat. Hunting and animal farming served their purpose for millennia of human population growth. But in 2020, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. We can’t keep doing this. The current system is broken. It is inefficient, insecure, unsustainable, and extremely unsafe.

Fortunately, taking animals out of our food system is easier than we may think. As evidenced by the enormous uptick in innovation, availability, and consumer interest in plant-based meats, the whole meat category is being redefined. Meat is increasingly recognized as a sensory experience, characterized by a specific combination of amino acids, fats, and minerals rather than by its means of production. No animal has to be farmed or hunted and no disease has to be risked to enjoy a juicy burger or a crispy nugget.