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New ‘facility status’ live on Capacitor

New ‘facility status’ live on Capacitor (Date: 13 April)

In November 2022, we partnered with Synonym to launch Capacitor, the first-of its kind global fermentation capacity database. Now, we are pleased to announce that a ‘Facility Status’ feature is live on the platform, allowing users to see which facilities are ‘Active’ or ‘Under Development’ along with the future technical specifications of these facilities. Users can also filter for ‘Inactive’ facilities, which are not currently operating and serving customers.

Various reports, including Synonym’s State of Global Fermentation Capacity report, have highlighted the fermentation capacity bottleneck and mismatches between the supply and demand of fermentation infrastructure. Therefore, this update is advantageous in giving users a better idea of how much capacity is coming online in future quarters and to what extent the capacity gap is being closed.

If you are currently building a fermentation facility, we encourage you to list it on Capacitor today at

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