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Planted launches first-of-its-kind fermented steak

Planted launched its game-changing fermented beef fillet steak made from plants into restaurants across Europe!

As the only plant-based steak on the market to use only natural ingredients and zero additives, it offers the health-conscious consumer a clean-label dining experience, with even the most discerning palate convinced by the juicy, tender feel and unmistakable umami flavor that arises from the innovative fermentation process. The planted.steak also offers a scalable sustainable alternative to conventional beef with its creation needing 97% less CO2e emissions per product weight compared to its animal counterpart.

At the same time, Planted announced the strategic expansion of its production capabilities with a cutting-edge fermentation facility in Kemptthal, Switzerland.  

Planted launches the first fermented steak of its kind u – Planted Foods CH (