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Polybion and Ganni launch world’s first Celium blazer

Danish fashion brand Ganni’s research and development arm (Fabrics of the Future) teamed up with premium, next-generation material company, Polybion to create a bio-leather blazer made entirely from Celium, a new material made from bacterial cellulose.

Polybion’s Celium is produced in their factory in Irapuato, Mexico, and is crafted entirely from agro-industrial fruit waste. It will serve the fashion industry with a high-performance material to craft fashion garments of an excellent quality. Celium is a durable, lightweight, and breathable material that the fashion industry can use to create desirable garments of a high-quality. The alternative to animal and plastic leather can also be dyed, tanned, and embossed.

The blazer, with its marbled-yellow design was debuted at Ganni’s Copenhagen flagship store during the Global Fashion Summit. The textural details add to the worn look, giving it a very similar feel to that of traditional leather and due to the unique patterns on each completed piece of Celium, it can be considered a “one-of-one” textile.

This is an important collaboration signalling more commitment from the fashion industry to circular-based initiatives. Ganni also discontinued the use of virgin animal leather in their read-to-wear line.

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