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Rebellyous Foods expand into school cafeterias

Nutritious, plant-based chicken company Rebellyous Foods has expanded its reach, as more and more schools are choosing its products over their animal-based counterparts. This increased traction is part of a growing school movement in the U.S, with more students stating a clear preference for the plant-based option.

Founded in 2017 by Christie Lagally, Rebellyous Foods’ range includes nuggets, tenders and patties and are available in over 1000 retailers nationwide, with its primary customers being schools in the National School Lunch Program. Rebellyous nuggets provide children with a chicken-alternative in 100 major school districts across the U.S. The company also announced a $9.5 million equity round earlier this year to build a next-generation machine that will make plant-based chicken more affordable and scalable.

Already in the U.S, New York Public Schools introduced plant-based Fridays, Illinois state passed a law requiring schools to offer vegan meals, California passed a budget with $100 million for schools to receive grants to promote plant-based foods, and many more.

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