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SFA approves Eat Just’s Serum-Free Cultivated Meat

Exciting news for our portfolio company Eat Just, as Californian start-up receives regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to produce serum-free cultivated meat. 

Eat Just’s gained regulatory approval for their cultivated chicken nugget using animal serum back in 2020, but since then the firm has successfully produced cultivated meat without the need for animal serum, without hindering the texture and meat quality. 

This is a critical step towards producing cultivated meat more cheaply and sustainably.Previously the production of animal serum involved harvesting blood of cow fetuses by slaughtering pregnant cows, which naturally led to harsh ethical criticism and sustainability concerns. Producing animal-serum was notably costly, therefore serum-free cultivated meat is an important step to drive down the costs of production and to help pave the way for increased commercialization of sustainable protein.

Eat Just plans to produce their serum-free cultivated meat at its brand new production facility, where the “single-largest bioreactor in the cultivated meat industry” of 6,000 liters has the capacity to produce “tens of thousands of pounds of meat”.

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