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Synonym launches techno-economic analysis tool, Scaler

Our portfolio company, Synonym, launched Scaler™, a free, next-gen techno-economic analysis (TEA) tool enabling companies using fermentation to project their costs of production and operations at commercial scale. After inputting just a few production variables, users instantly receive a customized techno-economic analysis (TEA) with insights into:

  1. Projecting costs (CapEx, OpEx) to build and operate a facility at scale
  2. Identifying a bioproduct’s biggest profitability drivers
  3. Understanding levers of commercial adoption

With Scaler, companies will be able to find reliable, market-vetted data that can jumpstart their manufacturing strategy instead of having to rely on a patchwork of expensive, often unreliable data sources.

Scaler complements Capacitor, the most comprehensive, free directory of global fermentation capacity that Synonym launched last fall. Together, Capacitor and Scaler provide the synthetic biology ecosystem with a powerful, accessible suite of tools to guide companies along their biomanufacturing scale up journey.

To start utilizing or to learn more about Scaler, please visit