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TIPA Compostable Packaging acquires Bio4Pack

Israel-based compostable packaging company, TIPA, announced that it was expanding its European reach by acquiring Bio4Pack.

TIPA will be able to take advantage of Bio4Pack’s strong foothold in the Netherlands and Germany and will provide TIPA with three new additions to their range: including paper packaging from agricultural waste, trays and nets.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of TIPA, Daphna Nissenbaum said: “There is a great value and strength in cooperating with other players in the sustainable packaging solutions industry. The acquisition of Bio4Pack enables us to expand our existing expertise and portfolio and continue to grow TIPA’s custom packaging solutions.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Gerritsen, Bio4Pack Chief Executive, added: “It is an honor to be acquired by TIPA as this company is well-known throughout Europe – and around the world – for their innovative packaging. With both companies’ extensive experience in this field, I am confident we will be able to significantly reduce plastic pollution on Earth.”

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