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The U.S is building the bioworkforce of the future

Last September, the U.S President signed an Executive Order to ensure the United States is harnessing the full potential of the bioeconomy. Now, the Biden-Harris administration went a step further and introduced an action plan to rapidly expand biotechnology and biomanufacturing education and job training programs in the United States.

Biomanufacturing, which involves using biological systems to produce goods and services at a large scale – has the potential to drive sustainable advancements in various industries, such as health, climate change, clean energy, food security and more.

Already since the beginning of the Biden-Harris Administration, private companies have invested $470 billion in manufacturing and clean energy investments, including in biomanufacturing.

The action plan aims to prepare more Americans for biomanufacturing jobs, which often don’t require a traditional four-year college degree, and to create a diverse workforce that includes women, people of color and individuals living in rural communities. This initiative builds on previous steps taken by the Administration to strengthen the bioworkforce, including expanding pre-apprenticeships, Registered Apprenticeships and career and technical education programs for biomanufacturing occupations. The goal is to maintain America’s leadership in biomanufacturing and foster continued investment in the nation’s bioeconomy.

To understand more about the vast potential of a bioeconomy-based future, read our joint report with Italian CDMO, Olon – ‘To make the bioeconomy real, develop for scalability and creditworthiness’.  

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